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A different way
to explore India

“India is the conception of life according to which everything that seems real is not, and everything that does not seem real, is.”

– Alberto Moravia, Italian novelist

“If you like people, you’ll love India”

Welcome to Indoverse Experiences and Tours,
a unique boutique and bespoke travel company here to help new visitors, returning travellers and scholars experience the rich cultural wealth that is India.




We personally designed knowledge-based immersive walking tours to allow you to explore the many sides of the eternal city. Explore her serpentine alleys, in the footsteps of countless pilgrims and saints.



The river Ganga is the very soul of the city of Varanasi. Witness devotion on her banks from before sunrise until her evening aarathi of praise.


Culture & Spirituality

Immerse yourself in one of many aspects of daily Varanasi life: practice Yoga on the riverside, learn about the culture and Ayurvedic science of food, turn your hands towards stone sculpture or other crafts.


We are happy to offer our specially-designed half- and full-day journeys to other nearby towns and cities, as well as our fully-customisable offers for multi-destination voyages between Delhi and Varanasi, and beyond.

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Indoverse Experiences and Tours

Dive with us into the complexity of India

Social and religious diversity is fundamental to this land, and the team of Indoverse has over 30 years of experience in helping visitors both with a general overview of the social complexities, as well as deeper experiences into the vibrant culture that abounds here.
We also collaborate with university departments and other learning institutions to support their Study Abroad programmes. If interested, please contact us directly.

Free consultation through emails and WhatsApp messages

Our experts are extremely willing to answer all your inquiries, plan your visit, and book your forecasted activities. Prior to your arrival!