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About us

Who we are

Indoverse is here to help you partake in a vibrant, rich, safe and exciting India adventure.

Indoverse was created by a team of tour professionals, passionate about Indian culture, religion and philosophy. We bring together over thirty years of study, and work in and around the subcontinent, from a diverse array of academic and working backgrounds.

We aim to offer immersive experiences to travellers in India, in order to fully engage with the people, food and culture around oneself. Heritage, religion, food, language, crafts & yoga.

Our Team - Indoverse, India

Our Mission

As our name suggests, we proudly stand by the principles of diversity. We do not discriminate regarding race, religion or gender with regards to our collaborators and business partners and do not work with businesses that engage in unfair practices.

We firmly believe that all Indians deserve to participate in economic development as a human right, and endeavour to spread what success we find to all our working associates and their communities. We ensure safe and respectful working conditions.

We endeavor to choose the most ecologically sound and sustainable methods for our tours: we suggest walking tours over vehicles, we employ e-rickshaws over CNG tuk-tuks, trains over flights, and we encourage our boatmen collaborators to invest in electric motors over petrol ones.

Some of these efforts are more fruitful than others, but we believe in the principles of constant improvement along with sustainable development. 

As a blended team of foreigners and Indians, we are firmly against the idea of imposition of Western values within India, but rather encourage the very best of Indian culture to take root and blossom within a framework of dedicated service and professionalism.

We are also proud partners with the Learn for Life Empowerment Project, and collaborate with them on vocational training projects for Varanasi youth.



Diverse local and international backgrounds.

Indoverse Team - Lao Tse Tripathi

LaoTse Tripathi was born and brought up in Varanasi. He spent his formative years of education in Varanasi and the Himalaya. LaoTse has completed his Yoga certificate from Banaras Hindu University and has been engaged in VaranasiWalks as a heritage walk guide as well as a yoga teacher. He holds a Khumba Mela guide licence.

Indoverse Team - Sara Gennari

Sara Gennari has been living in India since 2011. After her Bachelor’s degree in Afro-Asian Studies from Pavia University (Italy), she moved to Delhi where she completed her Master’s degree in Social Anthropology at Jawaharlal Nehru University. From 2015 to 2019, she was manager of a residential language and culture institute for foreigners in Varanasi. She collaborates with Learn for Life’s Women’s Empowerment Project and in her spare time she loves to cook.

Indoverse Team - Michael Lanuzielo

After graduating from McGill University in Montreal with a degree in Hindu & Buddhist Religious Studies, Michael Ianuzielo came to Varanasi in 2000 for his Masters degree at the Banaras Hindu University. Upon completion, he spent the next few years in Varanasi editing academic texts before entering the tourist sector, leading large-group eco-tours through North and South India for several seasons. Returning to Varanasi, he fell into working with VaranasiWalks, an esteemed heritage walking tour company. When time allows, his hobbies include gardening, stone carving, and feeding and naming select street dogs.

Indoverse Team - Jeremy Oltmann

Jeremy Oltmann hails from Minneapolis, USA and has lived in India since 1997. Initially a social worker in Delhi with a development agency he moved to the Himalaya to attend the Landour Language School in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. He developed VaranasiWalks as a way to explore the city’s hidden lanes and sacred sites while overseeing a university study abroad course for 10 years in Varanasi. Jeremy is a certified yoga teacher and developed BanarasYoga as well. He has completed his Masters degree in Sociology with Indira Gandhi National Open University. Jeremy is an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) and in his spare time he works as a DJ.

Indoverse Team - Pappu Tripathi

Gurjeaf Tripathi, who we affectionately call ‘Pappu’, grew up in Assi Ghat, Varanasi and also went to school in Almora, Himalaya.
He is named after the famous Russian philosopher and has spent considerable time in Italy. Pappu enjoys a slow relaxed pace and showing hidden places of the city.

Indoverse Team - Amrit Sharma

Amrit Sharma was brought up in Assi Ghat and has deep connections to Nepal.
He has a MA in Economics from Banaras Hindu University. Amrit has a keen insight into the history and philosophy of India & Nepal. He holds a Khumba Mela guide licence.

Indoverse Team - Anand Agarwal

Anand Agarwal is an avid traveler and a pure “Banarasi” at heart. Born & raised in the holy city of Varanasi, he is a passionate tour guide & storyteller. Anand is MBA by qualification from Banaras Hindu University and finance geek. He is a licensed tour guide from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

Indoverse Team - Devesh Sharma

Devesh Agarwal was born in Varanasi and grew up in many places in India and abroad.
He is a graduate of the prestigious St. Stephan’s College in Delhi University. Devesh is a highly knowledgeable and a sought after licensed guide from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

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