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Food Experiences

Food is a daily means of retaining and re-affirming one’s cultural identity.
Cuisine embodies an essential part of any culture, as much as its art and architecture.

Our food experiences will provide you a lens to understand the cultural context of each dish while enjoying the flavours of the vibrant Indian cuisine.

“Jo maza Benaras me, na Paris me na Faras me”
The taste that you get in Banaras, you won’t find in Paris or Persia

Chef Ashwani Singh
[Dhaba Restaurant, New Delhi]

We will bring you through a fascinating culinary journey that will leave you filled and craving for more!
Starting from Rs1200
Tired of walking? Enjoy a relaxing cooking class with us!
Starting from Rs1200
Eating while fasting? Yes! Come and learn about the world of Ayurvedic health.
Starting from Rs1200