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For centuries and millennia, Delhi has been the site of the capital of various kingdoms and empires: from legendary Indraprastha out of the pages of the Mahabharata, to four major Islamic dynasties culminating in a Mughal culture that supported the arts, to the British Raj and its “colonial glory”, to the present nation-state of India with all her high-tech modernity, excellent restaurants, and warm, friendly people.

A thousand kilometres to the east is Varanasi, the timeless holy Hindu city. For millennia Varanasi has drawn philosophers, saints, merchants and artisans from across the subcontinent, and beyond, to her ghats (embankments), galis (labyrinthine lanes), and mandirs (temples)… creating layer after layer of this cosmopolitan village.

Delhi and Varanasi can be seen as a cultural journey that goes through two important facets of the very soul of North India: both distinct, yet neither separate. The Delhi to Varanasi Tour is custom-made for your requirements. Each city needs a minimum of two days to get a taste of their essence and more time can be taken in either city, or on the way from one to the other.

We offer three itineraries from Delhi to Varanasi:

1- The Yogi’s Journey: Delhi- Rishikesh- Varanasi
2- The Mughal Journey: Delhi- Agra- Lucknow- Allahabad- Varanasi
3- The Ancient Journey: Delhi- Agra- Orchha/Datia- Khajuraho- Varanasi

that are fully customisable, from destination to hotel, according to your budget, time, and desires. All tours can be offered with or without an accompanying Tour Leader.
We strive to reduce our ecological footprint at every turn. Indoverse Experiences & Tours promotes the concept of Slow Travel, but we understand that many visitors to India have a limited time to see as much as they can…. And also, that a balance needs to be made between “authenticity” and “comfort”. We encourage our guests to use trains, rather than flights, for medium-length journeys (under 1000km or so). Trains in India are different from most other countries and are a small friendly and personable adventure that is not to be missed. For those destinations that cannot be reached by train, then we use vehicles.

We also try to maximise the exposure of our guests among the fascinating people and sites found between any two locations. Our team is happy to craft for you a unique voyage across India with gentle train journeys broken up by short visits to incredible places.


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The Delhi to Varanasi Tours are fully customisable, from destination to hotel, according to your budget, time, and desires. We suggest a minimum of 7 days / 6 nights.

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